Clusia Rosea

Clusia Care

The Clusia is very popular because of its air purifying effect. This plant loves Carbon Dioxide and likes to convert it to oxygen. The plant is originally found in the Caribbean, where it is treated as a weed. The plant is unique because it can grow on various surfaces. From swamp soils to lava soils, the plant can be found everywhere.
The Clusia, better known as the Signature Tree or Pig Tree, adapts effortlessly to different circumstances. This makes this plant an easy houseplant.

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The amount of water during a watering depends on the size and location of the plant. You can feel how moist the soil is by pressing a finger into the ground. The plant needs water when it feels dry. You can postpone the watering while it is still damp. The soil should be slightly moist in the spring and summer. Without creating a layer of water at the bottom of the container. This can lead to root rot.

In het najaar heeft de plant minder water nodig en is er geen kwaad als de grond licht uitdroogt. De plant past zich namelijk makkelijk aan. Probeer pieken wel te voorkomen.


Spraying the Clusia is not entirely necessary. It is good, however, to occasionally spray away developing dust and small vermin. This only enhances the decorative value of the plant.


It is recommended to place the plant in a light spot. It is important that this is no or little direct sunlight. A position in front of a south-facing window is therefore not recommended. Too much light can cause yellow or brown spots in the leaf. If you observe these spots, we recommend placing the plant a little further away from the window. At a north-facing window, the plant can be placed directly behind a window.

Does the plant produce little or no new leaves in the spring? Then place the plant a little closer to the window.


The Clusia does not easily suffer from discolouring leaves. If the leaves have brown edges indicate too much water. Reduce watering in this phenomenon.

The moment the leaves get a yellow glow, this indicates too much sunlight. In this case, move the plant a little further from the window.


The Clusia is quite easy to prune. The shoots can easily be cut above the top. In this way, the houseplant remains nicely compact. Note: moisture is released during pruning. This moisture is toxic to humans and animals. Try to avoid this.

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