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Mondo Verde has been the family business in the cultivation of tropical houseplants for over 60 years. Over the years we have built up a successful range with quality as a starting point. More than 60 employees work very hard every day to guarantee this quality and guarantee it for the future. Because our sales area extends to all corners of Europe, we are familiar with the many different cultures and have therefore adjusted our products accordingly. In short, Mondo Verde is a flexible company, with knowledge of the market and with quality as number 1!


Thanks to our experienced cultivation employees, the smallest cuttings are formed into a healthy plant with the right appearance. Because we are always busy with innovations and innovation, we can offer the best quality and respond to the needs of the modern consumer.


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Sustainability is of paramount importance at Mondo Verde! Because of our agricultural background, it goes without saying that we care deeply about the well-being of flora and fauna. That is why we are working on optimizing our greenhouses and structurally reducing our emissions. In this way we try to do our bit for a cleaner environment.


Sustainability is our passion. Sustainable cultivation is therefore an important part of the company. Solar panels on the roof make us more self-sufficient and limiting CO2 emissions ensures cleaner air. In this way Mondo Verde ensures a pleasant living environment.


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